Lavender filled sachets:

Handmade 31/2" cotton sachets and filled with our natural lavender. Hand painted lavender sprig on one side with multiple fabric color on back side.

Price: $7 each.

Colors: Assorted


Hand painted lavender motif sachet filled with natural lavender.

Price : $8.00 each

Silk eye pillows: 

Filled with natural lavender and flax seed.  Keep in refrigerator or freezer and use on eyes to remove puffiness. Helps relieve headaches.

Price: $17.00 each
Colors: 1 - 5
Can email photo of colors available

Lavender soap:

Hand made with natural ingredients. Its rich lather and exfoliating ingredients exhilarate the skin leaving it refreshed.  Ingredients: Oils of Palm, coconut, olive and palm kernel, natural lavender essential oil, lavender blossoms, rosemary extract.
          Price: $7.00 each 
Lavender soap and Maple soap dish. Wonderful gift.

Price: $10.00 each

Aromatherapy Beeswax and Lavender Votive Candle:

100% pure beeswax: 100% pure essential oil of lavender. Hand crafted, clean burning and hypo-allergenic. Lead free cotton wick.

Price: $4.00 each

Farm Animal Series: Redwork Hand Embroidered Pillow/embroidery story inset, beautiful gift:    6"x6" filled with lavender, the Farm Animal Series gives you the choice of goat, pig, sheep, cow, horse or cat.  For office, home or give as a gift for calm relaxation.

$18.00 each                        Sorry  SOLD OUT

Lavender filled mini sachets:

Perfect for drawers, shoe toes, linen closet, travel bags etc.

Price: $4.00 each
Colors: Assorted

Essential Oil of Lavender:

Considered by many aroma therapists to be the most versatile of all essential oils. Lavender is a natural relaxant and stress reliever.
10ml bottle.

Price: $15.00 each


Soy wax and Lavender Candle:

In a convenient travel tin, non-metal natural wick.  Light up wherever you want a magnificent aroma of lavender.

 Price: $10.00 each


Lavender Bath Salts: Lavender is the number one choice for bath salts because of it's therapeutic, soothing, stress relieving and relaxing qualities. Lavender essential oil is beneficial to the skin and can help heal wounds and reduce inflammation with it's natural antiseptic qualities.  Our homemade aromatherapy bath salts consists of an epsom salt and sea salt blend, with our natural pure essential oil of lavender and natural berry pigment.

Price: 2 oz sachet:            $5.00