Lavender filled sachets:

Handmade 31/2" cotton sachets and filled with our natural lavender. Hand painted lavender sprig on one side with multiple fabric color on back side.

                                                      Price: $8 each

Colors: Assorted


Hand painted lavender motif sachet filled with natural lavender.

                                                Price : $8.00 each

Aromatherapy Beeswax and Lavender Votive Candle:

100% pure beeswax: 100% pure essential oil of lavender. Hand crafted, clean burning and hypo-allergenic. Lead free cotton wick.

                                     Price: $5.00 each
Our Lavender Reed Diffuser gives gentle and calming lavender aromatherapy with our pure essential oil of lavender,  by wicking through natural bamboo reeds. No artificial synthetic fragrances or perfumes, no additives, just our pure steam distilled essential oil of lavender and almond oil. Perfect for a bathroom. Remove cap from bottle, insert the natural bamboo reeds, flip reeds once a day to enhance aroma.
Reed Diffuser w/10 natural bamboo reeds.                            $20.00 each

Lavender filled mini sachets:

Perfect for drawers, shoe toes, linen closet, travel bags etc.

                                                 Price: $5.00 each
Colors: Assorted

Soy wax and Lavender Candle:

In a convenient travel tin, non-metal natural wick.  Light up wherever you want a magnificent aroma of lavender.

                                               Price: $10.00 each



8” – 12” long wands.  Natural lavender cut fresh and hand woven with an array of colored and textured ribbons. A beautiful fragrant gift.  Seasonal, while supplies lasts.

Price: $20.00 each  - Seasonal  - assorted colors. 

Sorry Sold Out       

9” Lavender Filled Bear:

 Filled with natural lavender buds and sporting a satin ribbon bow tie.  Not recommended for children under 5 years.  Available colors: natural, purple 

                                   Price:  $28.00 each

Essential oil of lavender and beeswax 12" taper candle. Hand crafted and hand rubbed. An elegant addition to any table.  Dripless if not in draft.

                                                 $16.00 a pair 

White birch, black birch and cedar candlestick holders. 1/2" and 7/8". Beautiful rustic addition to any table.

                                           $6.00 each